What lies beneath

What lies beneath

When it comes to selling your home, what lies beneath its façade is as important as the first impression it makes to the public. 

Your home may be painted in the most fashionable colour scheme, it might be elegantly presented and sitting on the best street in your suburb – but all these positives count for nothing if the fundamentals of your asset aren’t up to scratch. 

Would your home pass muster if an eager buyer employed the services of a building inspector to give your home the ‘once over’ before they sign on the dotted line - or would they perhaps choose to buy another residence should they discover serious structural problems lie just underneath those freshly polished floorboards? 

If you’re not sure about how structurally sound your home is, now is the time to prioritize the maintenance and upkeep of the unseen (but critical) elements of your property. Think about the condition of the electrical wiring, the repair of the foundations supporting your home, the roof (are there any leaks?), gutters and any rising damp or asbestos issues. 

By taking care of structural maintenance around the house annually, you’ll eventually find that your selling process will be more profitable and less stressful … particularly when the building inspector comes to call!