Victoria’s Rental Laws Are Changing

Victoria’s Rental Laws Are Changing

From 29 March, more than 130 reforms to Victoria’s renting laws will come into effect for all types of tenancies, including private rentals, caravan, and residential parks, and rooming houses. 

These changes are to make renting fairer for all Victorians, with new rules to ensure every rental property meets basic standards.

The Regulations use terms that apply from 29 March 2021 as follows:
renters – currently called tenants
rental providers – currently called landlords
rental agreements – currently called tenancy agreements
rooming house operators – currently called rooming house owners.

New rental laws will be introduced to residential tenancies to strengthen renters’ rights, better protect vulnerable renters and enable people to turn the house they rent into their home. Landlords will also benefit from these reforms through stronger accountability for renters, clearer obligations, and modern regulation and processes.

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