Autumn leaves? Sell me, please!

Autumn leaves? Sell me, please!

For every season, there’s a reason: if you’re thinking of selling your home or investment in 2021, autumn is the season in which to act. Popular wisdom suggests that springtime is the best time to sell your asset – with lots of media attention and plenty of vendors coming to market. 

Word to the wise: selling in autumn and winter actually gives you a competitive edge. Why? Because generally there are fewer homes on the market, giving buyers less choice and potentially elevating your sales result due to competition.

In spring, vendors leap into the market – flooding it with stock and giving buyers a wealth of options. If they miss one house, no matter. There’s another one just around the corner.

In the cooler months, buyers do not have this luxury of choice – motivated purchasers need to act decisively on the stock available, which means potentially more than one buyer competing to buy your home. Autumn selling means fewer competing properties paired with greater buyer competition. That’s a selling season to love!

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