The One Estate (Hong Kong) Ltd

The One Estate (Hong Kong) Ltd

We are marketing to Hong Kong
We are happy to announce that The One Real Estate has entered into an exclusive agreement with The One Estate (Hong Kong) Limited to market our listings in Hong Kong!

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions and challenges, we have been busy over the last few months finalising this venture and we can now commence marketing all our sales listings to buyers in Hong Kong.

Demand from Hong Kong
Recent data reveals that there has been an increase in demand from people in Hong Kong seeking out Australia as a potential new home due to growing uncertainty in the economic and political situation in Hong Kong. 

Due to the recent introduction of new security law, and the Australian Government’s offer of Australian work rights with a path to citizenship for residents in the territory, interest in Australian properties from Hong Kong has spiked.

Hong Kong Chinese investment into Australian real estate more than tripled, from just $2.8bn in 2017-18 to $9.3bn last year in 2018-19.

Hong Kong investment growth in Melbourne
Australian properties have emerged as a safe investment over several decades and that is even more so the case during this global pandemic. Research shows that Melbourne is the top city for Asian buyers, followed by Sydney and Brisbane.

Melbourne is a safe haven for investors as it is one of the world's most livable cities with a developed economy, a cosmopolitan and multicultural safe city with one of the strongest healthcare systems in the world. We have quality schools and university education and an abundance of clean green parks and fresh air.

* has reported that the most popular suburbs for Hong Kong buyers in Victoria in since early this year are Doncaster, Doncaster East, Melbourne, Glen Waverley, South Yarra, Hawthorn, Box Hill, Toorak, Kew & Balwyn.

The current situation is similar to the uncertainty caused when Great Britain returned Hong Kong to mainland China in 1997. At that time, there was a wave of Hongkongers rushing into Australia to buy properties, pushing up demand. Today, the uncertainty is causing a surge in the Melbourne property market again. Since the demand is high, this is a good time to sell long-term hold investment properties.

TORE – Thorough, Optimistic, Resourceful, Energised
Even though our office has been closed due to Stage 4 restrictions, our optimism and resourcefulness have enabled us to sell 7 properties in that period. We have thoroughly combed through our extensive database contacts and actively promoted on our social media platforms to achieve results for our vendors. We continue to be energised despite the challenges and always provide the best value for our vendors and landlords.

How can The One Real Estate (TORE) help
The Hong Kong representation lead by Andrew Lee combined with our two experienced agents (who grew up in Hong Kong), gives us a unique understanding of the ins and outs of selling Melbourne properties in the Hong Kong market. When you list your property with us, it will be actively promoted not only to buyers in Australia but will also reach all potential buyers in Hong Kong.

If you’re thinking of selling, contact us NOW to find out how our dedicated teams (here and in Hong Kong) can help you reach a bigger market to achieve the best value for your property! We look forward to connecting with you soon!


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